1994 - 95 "Jewels of the Oracle" (ELOI Productions)

"Thousands of years ago, the legendary City of Nisus embodied all that was enlightened.  Today entrance is restricted to those who earn their way.  Solve the puzzles set before you and enter the Girsu Gates that lead into the city of Nisus."

Released by DISCUS in March of '95, Russell was accredited third on the credits list as 'Interface and Lead Programming'. This game has won international recognition with 1) 'Best of show' at MacWorld Expo San Francisco, 2) '95, Product of the year CD-ROM Professional Magazine.

"Jewels of the Oracle" was programmed entirely in Director 4.0.4 for Mac and PC on a hybrid CD ROM.

Here is how some leading magazines reviewed it:

"...stunning visuals and puzzling pleasure...a visual feast...a world of mystery and wonder...the soundtrack is excellent..."
- CD - ROM Today

"...nothing less than timeless and magical entertainment..."
- Computer Game Review

"This collection of puzzles is wickedly perplexing and will dazzle your mind with its diabolical logic games."
- HomePC 1996

Jewels of the Oracle was produced by Paul Chato, who continues to run his successful multimedia production house Electramedia http://www.electramedia.com/. Electramedia funded and developed the original prototype for Jewels of the Oracle.

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